Vision and values

Brandon Baptist Church
Redcar St, Camberwell, SE5 0NA

We are a church which welcomes and values people whatever their 
culture, gender, age, ethnicity and sexuality.

Mission Statement

Being Christians affects every area of our lives. Our relationships both at home and in our neighbourhoods, both with friends and colleagues are all influenced by our faith in Jesus Christ.

God calls us to worship him. At Brandon we meet together to remind ourselves that Jesus is Lord and that we are his followers. We remember his life, death and resurrection, and we reaffirm our allegiance to His cause.

We believe that everybody is equal in the sight of God. We aim to be a church in which people feel supported, loved and at home.

Society tends to group people according to their age, background and race. We aim to be seen as one family, in which all are treated with dignity and respect.

Every Christian has been given gifts by God. We want people to use and develop their abilities, and we will encourage them to do so.

All Christians are called to serve God. We encourage them to do this, both through church activities and in their wider community.

We believe that God is angered by injustice and inequality. We aim to care for those who are victims, and to strive for a more godly society.

We recognise that God’s work is not only done through Christians. He is at work through people of goodwill who also embrace His concerns.

We respect the sincerity of people of other faiths, and those with no faith, but we are convinced that the Lord Jesus is the last and complete demonstration to the world of God’s love and truth.

We believe that Jesus wants more people to experience the life that God always intended for His world. We aim to bring that about by living and proclaiming His message, and by encouraging people to respond by becoming His disciples.